The Reunion - A New British Musical
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Following the award of The Presidents Cup last year at Peebles, NODA is pleased to announce it is now the representative for this brilliant new musical. It was felt that after both The President of NODA and Licensing Manager Dale Freeman saw this show, having been clearly knocked out by its appeal, that NODA should try to obtain this for their portfolio..

The story features laugh out loud scenes and heart rending moments with songs to match. The show features 19 musical numbers, 8 of which feature the entire company and a further 8 which involve smaller groups. The songs feature a mixture of harmony parts so there is plenty for the entire ensemble to get their teeth into. The Reunion has been written specifically to appeal to amateur groups with a well balanced cast and potential for simple staging and costuming.

The Libretto features 6 main principal roles (3M, 3F) and 6 secondary roles (3M, 3F) plus several smaller cameo roles. All of the company numbers have opportunities for choreography and movement, either with a group of feature dancers or larger numbers if they are available.
The band consists of Drums, Bass, Piano, 2nd Keyboard, Trumpet, Trombone and Tenor Saxophone.

For further information please contact Dale Freeman at Peterborough Head Office on 01733 374790
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