The Reunion - A New British Musical


Act One - The long hot Summer of 1976
The pupils of 5D from Grangebourne Secondary Modern are about to leave school and follow their dreams. Debbie, our heroine, is destined for Cambridge University where she hopes to study medicine. Tom, our hero, has just heard that his elder brother John has been accepted into the Royal Marines. Before 5D leave they have a visit from the careers officer to look forward to, and the leavers’ disco on Friday night. On the eve of the disco Tom discovers that his brother has done something stupid whilst out celebrating, something that could seriously jeopardise his future. Tom decides to take the rap and save his brother, little knowing that his actions could have serious repercussions. Everyone knows Tom and Debbie should be together – except them. Will they finally realise at the leavers’ disco or will fate step in and spoil it all? Should Tom lie to save his brother...
and lose the girl he loves?

Act Two - The long dark Winter of 1999
It is now 23 years later & some of the ex-pupils gather for the funeral of their old form teacher. There’s talk of a school re-union. How many of the old gang followed their dreams? What has happened to Tom and Debbie in the intervening years and can they be found? Will they finally get the dance they have waited over 20 years for? For a fuller explanation of the plot download the pdf below.